Woodworking Plans – How to Build a Work Bench

Woodworking Plans – How to Build a Work Bench

If you are a woodworker, and you still would not have a workbench to your projects, now is the time to make one! Having a workbench will cut some time of your respective projects by 50 % when you could have somewhere to set everything.

To start out, you may need 2×4’s, screws the other bit of 26×48″ OSB. The first step is usually to create a lower rectangular frame. This is done by screwing four 2×4’s in to a rectangular pattern utilizing a screwdriver.

Next, the legs need to be made. To do this, buy your 2×4’s and screw them into the inner corners of the rectangular base that you made. The legs should fit very snugly into the frame. After doing this, you’ll need to made another rectangular frame throughout the tops in the legs to become able to put the sheet of OSB on.

Once the frame has been screwed together, position the sheet of OSB on top of the upper rectangular frame and screw sheet of OSB into place. Saw off any excess OSB that does not fit perfectly on the top of frame.

You want to do that as if you’re using heavy equipment, the OSB won’t secure the weight without the help in the frame, therefore the OSB would snap and result in a nasty injury. This is an extremely important step and precaution. If done right, the workbench is complete.

Now you are able to officially call yourself a woodworker! You may now set off and repair or build whatever you please with the help of your respective new workbench.