Woodworking Plans – How to Build a Stool

Woodworking Plans – How to Build a Stool

Building a stool can be extremely simple and fun following these simple instructions. This project might be taken on by anyone who can get their practical some bits of wood plus some screws.

Like any woodworking project, should you be inexperienced, you ought to have someone supervise you to your safety and the safety of whoever will probably lay on this bench. This project should require a total of approximately 1 hour, less if you are experienced and perhaps a bit more if you’re not.

First, you need to select how long your bench will be; when you have done this, trim your wood towards the desired length. Now, you’ll need two small square items of roughly 3×3 wood. Then you will need your legs, these should be about 2×3.

Screw the legs into the 3×3 pieces, but leave room for starters piece of wood to become slid among the location where the legs are now being assembled. Once the legs are assembled, slide a piece of wood among them and screw it in to the sides from the legs. Now you may need your seat. Lay the long board on top with the legs structures and screw it into them. Your bench is done!

You can paint it any color to fit wherever you might be putting it. I think it looks finest in its natural wood color however. To paint it, you merely need one can possibly of paint, probably less, though, depending on how long you selected to really make it.