Olive Wood Gifts & Crafts History

The working with wood craft has become an honorable profession since history was first recorder, Jesus the carpenter of life worked being a carpenter with an early on in their life and it’s also said that he used wood since olive wood was whilst still being will be the wood of in the Holy Land!

Olive trees can be a local raw material where mainly religious, historical, and artistic submissions are made, while using prunes of young olive trees, along with the sprouts from the trunks from the old, unproductive trees.

Bethlehem olive wood is heavy, dense and durable which has a distinctive colors that range in nuances of red and creamy pigments with irregular gray, brown, and wild black lines. It is also long lasting and resistant, being the natural choice of wood for sculptures for centuries.

Artists, who came from Europe, settled in Bethlehem and started this unique industry of olive crafts. Ever Since, wood carvings was taught from down the family until it absolutely was perfected and mastered.

Today, the art continues to be a major income source for most Holyland Christian residents (particularly the cities of Bethlehem, Beit Sahour and Beit Jala) and it’s also essentially the most profitable product inside city. Olive wood is carved into crosses, boxes, candle holders, picture frames, covers for historical and old books, vases and scenes in the Holy Family especially in Christmas time.

Nowadays, tourists coming from all around the globe visit the holy land to enjoy their stay, check out the Christian religious places and get themselves a handcrafted olive wood piece through the holy land.